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Jewelry you deserve
You made it through 2020, you deserve a (self) gift. The Treat Yourself package includes our favorites earrings, select one and receive a complimentary Chingona necklace.
For all the ladies on your list
You cannot go wrong with any of our carefully curated For all the ladies on your list gift packages. Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully selected for an unforgettable gift. Find two favorites and get 50% off your third choice.
For the woman of my life
For your true love, a thoughtful gift that she'll love (and makes you look good). Choose any of our True love packages and get free engraving! Mark your anniversary, your secret nickname or name of your loved one to cherish forever.
For my BFF
Wether you're spending the holidays together or apart, your best friend will love these matching necklaces or rings! Buy two Chingona necklaces or two Filigree Band rings and get two matching silver rings!
For the woman that knows what she wants
A digital giftcard that guarantees she'll love her gift. Select the $2500 giftcard and get a total value of $3000 ($500 bonus!) or select the a $5000 giftcard and get value of $6500 ($1500 bonus!)


One of a kind jewels born from the fusion of artisanal handmade filigree and the ground-breaking vision of two young designers looking to redefine the concept of beauty in jewelry.

Since inception, Amandina's mission has been to revive Mestizo traditions from a contemporary point of view, thus showing the world the impeccable handicraft only achieved by the duo and their team of artisans.
Yucatecan Filigree is Amandina’s signature technique. Take a look at how each piece is made by hand at our workshop!


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